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This CD includes both Pat Broxton's "Nothing Has Really Changed But I'm Feeling Better" EP, and BrodyGreg's "Happenstance And Alcohol" EP.
Crafted by BrodyGreg in his kitchen.
Includes a 12 panel lyrics booklet!

Track listing:

Nothing Has Really Changed But I'm Feeling Better - Pat Broxton
1. Deceptively Sad Song Full Of Cliches
2. Slept Outside
3. Nothing Has Really Changed (But I'm Feeling Better)
4. This Isn't Really Home Though
5. 7/47

Happenstance And Alcohol - BrodyGreg
6. Flood The Tamar
7. I'm Shit At Apologies
8. Barbed Wire Fence
9. S.L.S
10. Unemployment As A Productive Pursuit

Listen to Pat's side here:

And BrodyGreg's side here:

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